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Omri Barak

Omri earned his BSc in Math & Physics from the Technion, followed by MSc in Life Sciences and a PhD in computational neuroscience at the Weizmann Institute of Science, under the guidance of Misha Tsodyks. After a postdoc in Columbia University with Stefano Fusi and Larry Abbott, Omri joined the Technion's faculty of Medicine at 2012. Continue Reading Omri Barak

PhD students

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Kabir Dabholkar

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Elia Turner

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Aviv Ratzon


MSc students


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Tie Xu

PhD student
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Oded Barzelay

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Merav Stern

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Lee Susman

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Friedrich Schuessler

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Chen Beer

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Aseel Shomar

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Amichai Labin

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Alex Rivkind

PhD student

Projects and collaborations:

Naama Brenner

Ron Meir

Sandro Romani

Friedrich Schuessler

Federico Carnevale

Daniel Ben Dayan Rubin

Dori Derdikman

Ofer Binah



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